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TeleClock employees can enter allowances earned while working each of their shifts

- either chargeable or non-chargeable to the client for travel bewteen work or client sites. In most cases employees cannot claim travel from their home to their first work site so we can configure the allowance to only be prompted for from a second shift.

- Where start and end times exceed a defined shift length in a day employees can be prompted to confirm if this is a split shgit they are working

- normally earned where an employee in the care industry is required to stay over at a client's home from evening until the next morning.

- TeleClock provides a number of rules to pay allowances in situations based on start times, end times, total hours worked, and total hours between shifts. TeleClock maintains running total of allowances paid over days, months, and years. Rules can step allowances to another allowance when defined totals are reached or exceeded. This is especially useful for allowances such as kilomtres travelled in a year.