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Clock By SMS

Using mobile phone SMS employees are able to clock in and out using their mobile phone

The SMS technology does not rely on smart-phone features and is therefore able to be used with most of the mobile phone handsets available for the last 10 years or more. Employees can clock in, or out for the daya, or can clock out or in from an unpaid break. Employees can also mix the types of calls as necessary by clocking in and out from both the TeleClock 1800 and SMS systems.

Each mobile phone has a 10-digit number which is unique to that phone and cannot be changed or easily immitated. TeleClock links that unique phone number to one employee entry in TeleClock and will record time worked only for that employee. You can allocate which employees are able to make SMS clocking calls in to TeleClock and the types of calls - clock in/out or in/out and breaks. Employee times are recorded when the SMS message is sent.

Employees are able to receive error messages via SMS if incorrect cost codes or OTP token passcodes have been used.

TeleClock SMS recording of start and end times can prove to be more cost effective in situations where a mobile phone needs to be used to record times worked because of no available landline, especially where the mobile phone is an older plan or the plan is heavily weighted towards SMS rather than voice calls.

When an employee clocks in to TeleClock via SMS their exact location is not able to be determided by normal means. To provide an extremely accurate location of that employee we recommend using the TeleClock OTP Token. The employee simply includes the correct job code and 6 digit OTP Token passcode in the SMS message and TeleClock will determine if the passcode is valid for the employee job code and time.

One sigificant advantage is when an employee is unable to access any mobile phone coverage at the time of the call, TeleClock can calculate the actual time for the OTP token passcode and allocate that time to the employee clocked time. The features and settings are all able to be changed for your specific sites.

Employees can add a note to their clocking time using SMS. Simple addtion of a code and their note will add the note to both the transaction and the timesheet. Timesheet notes can be viewed on the timesheet screen and on timesheet reports from the Web Portal.

Allowances can be entered using SMS in much the same way as using a TeleClock clocking call. Employees add a simple code and a quantity to their SMS clocking message and the allowance is added. Allowances can be viewed on the timesheet screen and on the Web Portal reports.