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automated recording of
worked time
for remote

TeleClock is a Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which allows employees
of an organisation to clock in and out from their work place using a touch-tone phone as their time clock
or using an SMS message or smart phone WebClock.
  • Clock By Phone

    Employees call a TeleClock freecall number and clock in and out by following voice prompts. Provides accurate and secure employee clocking.

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  • Clock By SMS

    Using mobile phone SMS messages employees clock in and out using TeleClock and their mobile phone.

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  • Smart Web Clock

    Employees clock in and out using a smart phone browser, view future rosters and timesheet information including recent clockings

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  • Web Time Sheets

    Timesheets are created from IVR, SMS, WebClock and manual transactions. Employees can add comments to their timesheet via SMS or WebClock.

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  • Biometric Voice Verification

    Provides an extra level of security to ensure your employees are who they say they are when using TeleClock

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