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OTP tokens

One Time Password Tokens are time based devices which generate a new one time passCODE every few minutes

TeleClock SecureKey generates a two factor passcode to provide more secure authentication of employees using the TeleClock 1800 Enterprise system. Two factor authentication combines something you have (the OTP token) with something you know (the cost code you are clocking in to) to provide a secure authorisation passcode.

The OTP Token is located at a site cost code to verify that the employee is at the site location when clocking in or out of TeleClock. When the employee calls in from a client phone number they are requested to enter their employee code, then asked to enter their secure key password - which is a 6 digit code.  The OTP Token generates a new one-time 6 digit code every minute which is displayed immediately.  The employee enters the 6 digit code in to TeleClock using the telephone touch tone keypad.  TeleClock validates that code against the secure key server and provides a voice response to the employee "Invalid Token Passcode" or if the code is valid continues with access to TeleClock. These 6 digit codes can only be used once, old codes cannot be used after a new code has been generated and used, and all codes expire after 5 minutes

The size and design of the Secure Key device (5.5cm wide x 2.5 cm thick x 0.9cm high) makes it easy to carry in a pocket or as a keyring. The "always on" operation mode of the SecureKey means that the correct validation key is always displayed and ready to be entered in to TeleClock. The Secure Key is designed to withstand shock and is heat and water resistant - boiled in water for 3 hours and dropped from a height of 15 metres.

The TeleClock OTP Token mounting bracket is machined from clear Perspex to provide an efficient and attractive method of securing the TeleClock OTP tokens on site. The machining allows the mounting unit to secure an OTP token onto a wall surface or a clear glass window, either by mechanical or adhesive means.  The moutning bracket comes with a 3mm clear face plate which can be secured over the front of the bracket to provide a secure sealed environment, or can be used as an additional mounting surface for the rear of the bracket.

The mounting bracket can also be used to secure an OTP Token to the inside of a glass surface, normally a secure office, which allows the employees to read the OTP Token pass code but the unit remains securely located.

Note that the OTP Mounting Bracket does not include the OTP Token, which is supplied seperately.