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Surveys allow the creation of a set of rules and voice prompts to gather information

TeleClock has a powerful feature which we have called "Surveys" for want of a better name. Surveys allow the creation of a complex set of voice prompts which allow information to be gathered and futher information prompted for based on the answers to previous employee input. Survey can be used for gathering information on such things as vehicle condition reports at the end of a driving shift, entry of client medical information (blood pressure, plus general health level from 1 to 9), entry of cleaning premises condition report.

The types of input which Surveys can accept is
= "Press 1 for Yes, or Press 2 for No"
= "Enter the first blood pressure reading" (caller can enter a value from 90 to 200)
= Select from a list of options by pressing from 1 to 9
= Recording a voice message.

The Survey questions can be branched in response to the caller input data, for example pressing 2 for bad (as above) may branch to request the area which is concerned, "Press 1 for Main Office, Press 2 for Staff Room, Press 3 for Common Area".

Triggers can also be defined is response to the value of the caller input which can send the data report by email to a supervisor, or my SMS for a more immediate notification.