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TeleClock 1800 Enterprise is the perfect managed solution for organisations which need a telephone clocking solution

Search and edit timesheets by employee or cost code. Add user defined fields to further refine your timesheet searching. Define columns to be viewed and editing options as needed for different web portal users. This provides an idividual user screen for each of your site supervisoers to view and edit employee times.

View the phone number the employee used to both clock in and to clock out.

Rostered and Actual/Paid times are all able to be displayed on the timesheet view. Colour coding shows times worked less than rostered and greater than rostered. Timesheet searching allows to view only those over or under times.

- Employees can add timesheet notes directly to their timesheets using either WebClock or by sending an SMS message. Notes can also be added using the web portal. Notes can be useful to show why a time has been clocked or manually added using the web portal.

Simple setup of GPS locations for each cost code or site code allows a check to be made of the actual location of the employee clocking using WebClock.

Improve the accuracy of your employee times using GPS verification along with OTP Token verification.

- A wide range of timesheet reports can be viewed or printed from the web portal. Reports can be focused on the work recorded by employee or cost centre, and printed or saved to PDF format.

- Export employee timesheets to your payroll system for importing. Save the time and risk of errors by automating the process.