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Biometric Voice Verification

Biometric Voice Verification provides added security and convenience for TeleClock callers

Biometric Voice verification systems have a higher user acceptance rate than other biometric verification methods because they are less intrusive and are one of the easiest biometric systems to use.

By identifying unique features of a persons vocal characteristics and speaking patterns, voice verification is able to compare a voice sample with a previously enrolled digital voice sample in order to verify the identity of the person speaking.

Biometric technology reduces each spoken word to segments composed of several dominant frequencies called formants. Each segment has several tones that can be captured in a digital format. The tones collectively identify the speaker's unique voice print. Voice prints are stored in the TeleClock database, similar to the storing of fingerprints or other biometric data.

TeleClock provides a unique text-dependent biometric speaker verification system that enables verification of a speaker in real time, using a simple spoken pass phrase. Totally language and accent independent, it provides a secure, efficient and extremely convenient method to verify a speakers identity.

TeleClock Voice Verification seamlessly integrates with the existing TeleClock platform and has been designed to meet strict global security standards.