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Web Clock

TeleClock 1800 Enterprise is the perfect managed solution for organisations which need a telephone clocking solution

Using WebClock your employees can clock in and out and view their worked times and future rosters from any web enabled smart phone or device.

Clocking in or out using WebClock is simple and quick. All options and results are displayed on the screen.

Viewe timesheets in real time on the WebClock timesheet screen, from the most recent transaction back in date/time order.

View actual clocked start/end times along with the rounded or anchored paid start/end time. If there are any rostered hours in TeleClock then the roster time for this timesheet are also shown.

Employees can view their upcoming rosters on ther smart phone or web device. Rosters are viewed up to the current time from newest back to oldest.

Notes can be added to a timesheet using WebClock on a smart phone or device. Timesheet notes can be used to further explain a timesheet entry or for any other reason. Timesheet notes are displayed on the timehseet screen in the TeleClock web portal and notes are also included on timesheet printed reports.

Notifications related to the cost centre used will be displayed at the clocking time. These cost code notifications are used for specific confirmation or instrutions for this cost code.

TeleClock Message of the Day has a text message option which is used for both SMS and WebClocking to display a message when clocking in or out. This is in addition to the recorded voice message of the day.